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Client comments ~ The comments express what we strive for. We go as far as we can to make our clients feel taken care of. I have included some of the responses we received since announcing the closing of our nursery in a few months.

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2020 january 16 Tina, Hi, This is K from FL. I just received my order on Wednesday Jan 15 and everything was wonderful. All the plants arrived in great condition except for a few broken leaves which canít be prevented. I was very surprised and pleased with how large they are. They were much more than I was expecting. They are all now potted and accumulating in their new Florida home. How much longer will you have your online ordering available for me to order additional plants? I wish you werenít shutting it down as youíd have a long time customer in me. Again, thank you and I hope you are feeling better. Kind Regards,
1/24/2020 Hello Tina - So many Healthy and Happy Echeverias arrived today from you! Many thanks over and over for all the trouble you have gone through to do my shippment on the last day!- I am new to Succulents - having started collecting them and relandscaping my yard to be their best environment in the Spring of 2018. I have learned so much from YouTube, growers and fellow gardeners. Thank you for so many beautiful plants!
2019 december 23 Hi Tina, Thank you so much for the frilly Echeveria! My mouth dropped open it was so huge! You are too generous. All the other succulents arrived healthy also.
12/18/19 Christmas arrived early at my house!!! Thank you Santa Tina for the beautiful succulents and the extra plants. You are a gem and very generous. R
12/23/19 I also want to let you know that you guys have an amazing collection of succulents! I'm sad you guys are closing the store. I've enjoyed all the plants I've ordered from you Thanks! Susan
2019 september 15 Hello, Tina. I have grown plants for most of my 60+ years, although my focus on various types of plants has shifted several times during my life. A few years ago, I became quite obsessed with Euphorbias, then Aloes, and most other succulents followed. Your Nursery was one of the first ones from which I ordered plants. I have ordered from you several times, and Iíve always been so happy with the things youíve sent. So, it is with a little sadness that I note that you are closing the nursery. I will miss it, along with many others Iím sure. I understand that itís probably time to do something different. My wife and I just closed a cafe that we had run for years, so I know it can be hard to make such a decision. To sum it up, I am thankful that I found and grateful for the advice and plants youíve provided. Iím getting together a final order and will email you separately to check on availability. Looking forward to getting a few more plants from you. D
2019 september 8   Hi. Thank you so much for the beautiful succulents. Every one was a treasure. The add ons were too, in fact the Aloe humilis was the largest of that species I have seen. Thanks also for the big freebie cutting. All are potted and looking happy. Again, best wishes for a long, healthy, fun filled retirement. C
2019 september 7 Hi. Sorry to hear you are closing shop. Thanks for all the Dudleyas the last couple years, I really love them. Take care. S
 2019 september 6 Oh my goodness. I just got the box. The plants are beyond my expectations. They are incredible. Tina you have such beautiful plants. Iím so happy I found you and so sorry you are closing but understand the work involved. I want to work up an order for cactus and will do that over the weekend if that works for you. Iím in no hurry to get it with everything you have going on right now. Thanks so much for such beautiful plants. K
2019 september 6 Hi Tina, my order arrived in great shape. I seemed to have received a bonus plant Regards,

2019 september 1. All the plants I received from you are thriving and growing well. No casualties so far. I am still in love with my specimen you tracked down for me and of course all the echeverias I ever bought from you. I am in awe how big they have grown and how they change with the seasons. As I admire and care for the plants(hopefully for years to come) I will always remember you and your kind generosity. Thank you Tina. All my best, A

2019 august 29 I received my plants in great condition & timing is perfect as Hurricane Dorian is aiming at the state of Florida. I was able to set them all up under my Grow lights today. ( Well, I did put the Agave with my others in the succulent Garden: shouldnít be a problem. ) Gonna pamper the Echeverias. I see that Debra Baldwin mentioned your retirement in her email today. Wish I couldíve gotten there to see your gardens! Thanks for the great Plants! C
2019 august 23 I just placed my last order with you, and I wanted you to know that you have been a great source of unusual and quality succulents at reasonable prices. You give generous sized plants and absolutely awesome detailed info. You should sit down and write a book detailing all the info that you have accumulated over the years! It has been most helpful to me. I am from North Florida which tends to be humid and quite warm, but I have been able to adjust the growing conditions due to your information and amass a large collection of specimens. Enjoy your new life direction, but your store and expertise will be missed. Congrats! C 
2019 august 22 I am disappointed to read of your closing, but elated that you will be able to go onto new adventures. I am so thankful for all of the beautiful plants that I have received from your shop in the past years. Kindest regards P 
2019 august 23 Hello I just wanted to say thank you for sending me the succulents. They arrived yesterday afternoon. Like all your customers I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening up presents from Santa Claus as I was opening your box. They arrived in good condition. Some were a little traumatized from their Ďsleigh rideí but theyíll perk back up after I plant them. As you start your new chapter in life I wish you much joy and happiness.. Whenever we leave our comfort zone and start something new we always question if we did the right thing. But before you know it, it will be your new comfort zone. Iím sadden that you are closing because you had beautiful plants and were a wealth of knowledge. Again, thank you for everything.
2019 august 22 Hello Tina I just read your mail and its a shame that you are going to close your nursery but my best wishes on this new chapter of your lives.
2019 august 22 Hi Tina and Joe,Sorry to hear about the decision to close down your nursery. I canít imagine it was an easy decision. Iíve enjoyed the plants I have gotten from you over the years. Hope this decision will serve you two well in the long run. Wondering if you are selling any plants that are not currently available on the website. There are a few rare and less common plants I am looking for. I can send a list if you have time to review it. Thanks! C
2019 august 12 Hello, I'm so sorry that you are closing. I first met you when we were on vacation in San Diego. I've never forgotten your kind and encouraging words you said to me. 'That even though I was disabled I should take my passion and love for succulents and grow them.' It was the perfect words I needed to hear and my husband has supported my love for succulents since then. My collection has gotten so big now that we are currently building a all-season sunroom for them. When I received your email I didn't want to wait until the room was done and miss out on getting some of your plants. I noticed when I placed my order that your inventory was low on some plants. If some are not available that's ok just pick out something else in place of it. Thank you again for your kind words and great service through the years.
2019 august 27 EmojiHello, Miss Tina!! And, hello to Mr. Joe as well!! First of all, I want to let you know that I read the recent notice of the soon to occur closing of your nursery business. I'm somewhat saddened by the news because you all have been a constant and reliable source for beautiful plants, great plant information, and local business inspiration for me. I'm going to miss doing business with you. This is actually why I wanted to place on last order before it was too late. And, speaking of orders, I'd like to add one 6" Aloe dorotheae and one more Aloe 4" Aloe ibitiensis to make up for the $14.00 freight overcharge. BTW, thank you for the notice on that! I hope you enjoy all of the praise and support you get from all of your loyal customers! And, I hope the next stage in your lives greets you like icing on the cake of your long and successful career in the plant business!! Many blessings and many thanks! With all due respect and my deepest appreciation, F
2019 august 1 Good morning!!í If your goal was to impress, then you totall nailed it!!! Love all the plants you sent!!! Thank you so much. I look forward to working together again soon!!!
2019 july 29, Hi Tina. I just received my plants from Joe. They are gorgeous!! Please thank Joe again for me for his time (and INCREDIBLE patience ...I am not very good at directions) in helping delivering and loading the plants in my car. I wanted to express my sincere appreciation again for making it possible to own a specimen Myrtillocactus elite. I am grateful for yours and Joeís gracious customer service (which included your time, effort, kindness and thoughtfulness). Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are truly amazing! As always, all my plants purchases from you are are beyond my expectations. I could not be more satisfied. God bless. My best regards, A P.S. A million thanks again!!
2019 july 25 Really pleased with my new babies! The Avonia is huge and beautiful. Thank you also for the fast service, they arrived on my birthday! Iím sure to be placing an order next summer!
7/20/10 Hi Tina, Thank you for you to let me visited and would like to visit in your garden next time too. Hope to see you soon. F
July 20, 2019 Dear Tina and Joe ó Thank you so very much for the delightful time yesterday! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting both of you and spending time in your fabulous garden! We were so excited to buy some of your incredible succulents and one of Jerry's s awesome pots! You had so many plants that we had just never seen before that it was an honor to be able to view them first hand in your personal garden! Thank you again for the delightful time! Sincerely,
July 17 2019 Hello, Miss Tina!! First of all, thank you so much for considering me and taking the time and extra effort to offer this to me specifically. I'm often times amazed and caught off guard by the way you conduct your business! And, please, please take that as a sincere compliment! From the little unexpected gifts of beautifully packaged chocolate drops to this most-recent offering... I'm not only impressed but, I'm humbled by your kindness and thoughtfulness. However, as much as I'd love to take you up on your offer, I'll have to unfortunately decline. I'm going out of town for a little while and I don't feel comfortable having the "house sitters" receive plant mail. But, again, I do sincerely appreciate your offer. And, I wish you the best with your plant sale!! With your prime quality plant selections and your high standard of customer care, I'm confident that you'll do great even without my wishes, though! Take care of you and yours!! Emoji
The weather was perfect as it was, visiting your succulent garden was a pleasure! I am certain that I left at least 2 (perhaps a half dozen) specimens behind that likely should have come home with I see them in my minds eye on a regular basis. Thank you for your kindness and your friendly help in the selection of plants that might do well in Ramona. The weather was perfect as it was, visiting your succulent garden was a pleasure! I am certain that I left at least 2 (perhaps a half dozen) specimens behind that likely should have come home with I see them in my minds eye on a regular basis. Thank you for your kindness and your friendly help in the selection of plants that might do well in Ramona.
2019 july 3 Dear folks at succulents us my order arrived this morning in perfect condition. The plants are all beautiful and planted up. I have one question, when can I water them. Thank you for the little beautiful babies. You have done a great job!!!! Sincerely, E 
2019 aprl 7 Hi Tina, Thanks for sending the plants. They arrived safely and are now resting happily in their new pots. I trimmed a few of the bulbous roots from the Ipomoea albivenia so that they would fit better in the pots. Do you know if these roots will grow if I plant them? Iím going to try; it will be an adventure. And, thank you for sending some Easter chocolates along. I really appreciate it. Iíll tell my friends about your succulent business and about the great plants you sent to me. Iíll keep an eye on your website for more great plants that Iím interested in. Have a blessed day. Take care, B
4/1/19 Thank you so much. The plants are beautiful ! GA
3/16/19 Hi Tina, The plants arrived today and they are happily sitting in their new pots. These are great looking plants and
I especially like the Brighamia insignis plants, but they all are great. I have bookmarked your website and I will order again as you have other plants Iíd like to collect. Thanks for taking the effort to expedite your shipping of these plants. I appreciate it. Have a blessed day. Take care,
3/13/19 Hello Tina, My order arrived today! Thank you for the nice extras, love the sweets.
2/6/19 Nice healthy succulent selections. Lindt chocolates were a hit also. .
1/25/19 Just wanted to say thank you for such beautiful plants and the extra plant and chocolates. The plants are really beautiful. The Etna echeveria might be the prettiest plant Iíve seen, I love it. Theyíre all great. Thank you again! Will be ordering more soon, I need to research more types that have as nice colors and texture as the etna and euphorbia lactea. Thank you, B
1/24/19 Hello Tina, Just thought to let you know that Iíve received the plants today. I am shock by the sizes of the plants. Love them! And I also thank you for the chocolates. I will be back to order when you have conophytums and other mesembs available. Until then. Thank you,
1/16/19 The plants you send are always in great shape and do really well. Looking forward to these. S
1/7/19 Hi, Tina. I wanted to say thanks for the beautiful plants you sent. Everything arrived Saturday, ahead of schedule! The Gasteria batesiana is truly beautiful and I find myself staring at it. One question, do you remember what the 2 extra aloes you sent may be? Thanks, David.
12/23/18 I just wanted to let you know the plants arrived in great shape. The box had taken a beating, I was a bit concerned when I saw it, but the plants made it in fine shape. I plan on ordering some more in the spring when things warm up a bit. The chocolates were a nice surprise! Happy Holidays, Jim
12/7/18 Tina, I have received the orders. Although the outside leaves of one dudleya were damaged by the crush of the package, the rest of the succulents look fabulous, especially the size of the pachyphytum is much larger than the size shown on the picture. At the same time, I appreciate you send me two suncups and a bag of chocolate, maybe as my Christmas gifts. I am really satisfied with my order. Anyway, happy holidays to you and your family. S
11/24/18 Thank you so much for your time, wisdom and of course, your beautiful succulents! I am excited to give these arrangements to my team at work. I really appreciate you helping me put some of them together and giving me some extras. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
9/14/18 Hi Tina - I am very happily impressed with my first order of plants from you - they look great, and thanks very much for the extra P eyelensis. I'll be perusing your listings again soon! Have a great weekend - W
8/29/18 Wow! Iím impressed with the plants. Quite pleased with the size, more than I expected. Much appreciated. Greg
7/11/18 Thank you, Tina, for your wonderful plants and for being such a sweet individual. You are immensely appreciated. I'm sure that they will arrive in great condition as always. It's always a super treat to open your packages. 10,000 thanks! (Stay cool and hydrated, and please don't forget your sunblock!)
6/27/18 Received the plants. Everything looks great thank you. JR
5/18/18 Tina! Everything is beautiful! Thank you!
5/23/18 Tina, I got my order from u today and wanted to say thanks for remembering me when u did ur cuts on the Dick Wrights. I love them!!! Do u recommend putting them into pots right away, the smaller ones? I am assuming that they will set roots. The large one, I am in love with as it is so big, and i see that it has its own roots so I will pot up asap. Do u want me to keep them on the dry side? with a slender soil with sand?
4/25/18 Got it Tina! I was so surprised by the size of the box. The Hatiora was extremely generous and the Other succulent is enormous! I expected it to be the size of my fist... luckily I have pots and lots of soil. The Hatiora is my current favorite thing. Saw some pics of it in a hanging basket... Iím still on my Rhipsalis kick! Thanks again, A
Hello, Thank you for the package, I am so happy with all the plants! They were very true to the photos and packaged well. In fact, USPS got a little rough with the box (see attached) but luckily the pliable snake plants were on that side so no damage there and everything else was packaged well enough to be unharmed! J
2/7/18 Hey Tina. I received the package of plants this morning, the heat packs where still hot and the plants look great! Thank you so much. Crassula Morgans Beauty was glowing right out of the box unfazed from the shipping with blooms intact! And your Lithops are looking really sharp. Thanks again and have a great week, talk to you soon, J
1/31/18 Hey Tina, Youíre welcome, Im really stoked the first order arrived today! Nice looking plants as always, the plants I purchased from you in the past are still among my favorites in my collection. I have todays plants all potted, labeled and on the heated bench already! Will the shipping be that fast all the time?J
1/24/18 Hi Tina, Plants have arrived - all looks good. Thanks again for your super fast response.
10/30/17 Hi! I received the succulents, did not imagine they were so big, you sent one more plant? Thank you!
10/19/17 Polygona arrived, planted and happy
9/8/17 yes, this is great, you are very attentive, sorry the inconvenience! Thank you
9/8/17 Hi Tina, I would like to thank you for sending the plants out quickly, packing them well and for getting everything sorted out. I am very pleased with the plants and the overall service that i received from you. I hope to do business with you again at some point in the future. Many thanks and all the very best to you and your business with the kindest regards T
10/26/17 I just got my order and I'm very happy plant lady. I'm sure I'll be back soon. ML
7/14/17 Thanks so much for the honesty. Received them today they were awesome. Everything was so unique. I will be watching your website watch for new thing I will definitely be ordering from you again R
7/8/17 Hola, las plantas llegaron muy bien, que buen tamaŮo, muchas gracias!!! A
translated. Hello, the plants arrived very well. what a great size, thank you very much
6/18/17 Hi Plants arrived ahead of the heat wave and look good, thank you
6/18/17 Dear Tina Thank you so much for your kind mail. Yes, the plants arrived in excellent condition. I will ask you later to send other plants to California again. Thank you very much for your consideration/gift for shipping cost. I'm really happy for these plants. Best regards, FK
5/28/17 Shipment arrived safely yesterday. All conditions are good!! International order
5/20/17 Got my other part of my order yesterday. They are great!! Loved the big plants !! thanks again for the great plants!! GA
4/18/16 I really love the ones you sent me before. My other Cyclops are doing great! Thanks again for all your help M
4/12/17 Hi Tina, Thank you so much for sending me beautiful and healthy plants. Love them very much. Happy C
1/25/17 Dear Tina, I received my order today. All I can say is WOW! All the plants are absolutely beautiful! Thanks a million, E
1/16/17, Ohhh! Wow!! Thank you so much for the notice and, of course, for your generosity!! From this simple gesture you've convinced me that you're a kind and gracious person. I appreciate you for that. Except, now I feel that I'm indebted to you. I guess I'll just have to turn to your business if/when I decide to purchase more succulents; that'll be a fair return, huh? Well, Miss Tina, you have a great day and (if it's not too late) Happy New Year!!! FB
12/30/16 Hi Tina.. I got the Variegated Haworthia's yesterday and just wanted to say thank you for sending such hi quality plants.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.. T
12/7/16 Hola Tina, I got my plants. Very happy! Thxs for everything! Best regards, O
11/4/16 I love the aloe fan. i am very happy with my purchase. thank you. R
11/2/16 Thank you for the excellent customer service. I just un packed my order and everything looks great. I will definitely purchase again. I'm already recommending your company to friends and family . Have a wonderful weekend. B
10/19/16 received my order today was was thrilled to see all these wonderful plants that were carefully packed and arrived safely. Best regards, B
10/15/16 Well got the plants and just finished unpacking and planting them up. To say I am surprised would be an understatement. the plants are so big and healthy. They look awesome. Thanks so much again for your help L
10/8/16 Tina I want to say thank you , I am very happy with you great service. Thank you for the kalanchoe is very beautiful. Your plant are very healthy, I always recommend your site to my client. Thank
Hello Tina, Thanks for the great packing job and selection. I was slightly disappointed on the Euphorbia globosa as it seemed small for a 7" pot. The extra plants sent made up for it. I would definitely recommend you to my clients as the overall experience and product are superior. Have a beautiful day! J
09/14/16 Plants arrived today and they are LOVELY. Just wanted to say Thank You. Iíll be back! BB
8/12/16 Hello, The plants arrived and look wonderful. I have a question about the "reorder gift" M
8/10/16 Hi Tina, I am back for more. I love your succulents. All of the ones from you are doing very well. Thanks, I
8/4/16 Tina, I'm writing to say that two box arrived today . The plants arrived great. Beautiful , healthy and strong . Thank you. You made me very happy. Good luck and be happy. A
8/3/16 Plants received, thank you - nice sized, labels would have been good
6/16/16 Dear Tina and Joe, Thank for the extra plants Tacitus Bella and one of those big Senecio medley-woodii I am appreciate your and really happy and glad that I found you website I love your have very unique plants, one of a kind, reasonable price Mrs. N
6/22/2016 Plants arrived in great shape.Thanks!
6/22/2016 Hi. Just receivered my order. Can't believe how quickly they got here and they are beautiful succulents. Best I've ever received over the Internet. I will definitely be ordering again. Thx for the great service and merchandise Lucille
6/12/16 Thank you Tina. Really enjoyed my first visit and seeing the tremendous variety of your plants. Looking forward to growing the two plants I purchased into a larger size. D
6/11/2016 Hi, Tina ó I was delighted to have met you today and found such interesting succulents to buy. I certainly will be back. I certainly fully understand your comments about having to wait for plants to become available on their time, not ours! D
6/10/2016 Hello, Forgot to email you when the plants came. They arrived on time. They were in great condition and size! All of them are settling in nicely in the GH. The Pseudolithos are rooting surprisingly fast. Thanks again for the great plants! D
6/10/2016 Dear Tina-The succulents are amazing! Thank you so much. You are an excellent grower! I am especially taken with the Crassula sport from Australia but all are absolutely beautiful, wow! T
5/25/2016 Hi, I received the plants today. They are fabulous! I'll be ordering again in the future. Thanks so much! A
5/18/2016 Know all plants got here safe and good. G
5/18/2016 Hi, just wanted to let you know plants arrived today & all are in great shape. Thanks again & thanks for the extra. D
5/16/2016 Thank you for the plants. They are beautiful and healthy. K
5/5/2016 Hi Tina, Just want to let you know, the plants arrived safe and no damage, they are all thriving and healthy now. We just need to sun to come out for a change. G
4/14/2016 Hi Tina! Received package last night and want to thank you for the awesome plants! Really wasn't expecting such nice sized plants. Q
4/2/2016 Hi Tina, This is Jim to whom you very graciously and informatively showed your collection today. tyvm
4/2/2016 I enjoyed seeing all the different succulents today and meeting you, Tina. Thanks for your helpful advise. All the best to you S
4/2/2016 Hello Tina and Joe, hope youre doing very very well! I received my order on friday!!! but let me tell you what an amazing plant, OMG!!! they are unique i never seen something like that, but the aloes waooo i love two of those ,i definitely i will order again with you... maybe in one month when this ones stabilize i will order again , sooo thank you and was a pleasure to buy from you. O
4/2/2016 Thank you! You have an amazing collection of succulents and a beautiful garden. J
3/31/2016 Dear Tina, I had such a lovely time in your wonderful garden on Saturday! It was lovely and you are so generous to let all of us traipse through the plants. I thought you might like to see what I did with the plants that I bought. Again, thank you so much. -E
3/30/2016 Received.... VERY PLEASED!!!! VERY!!!!!!!! Plants healthy, even some Blooming!!!! Packed well too. Started planting. Will share pics. When complete!!!! RF Thanks!!!!
2/25/16 Hello, I got my order today and I am very pleased with what you sent. I will definitely order again.Many thanks, M
2/21/16 Hi Tina Ė to follow up on my short email Ė once I understood my mistake in interpreting the gift certificate and got on board with your generous offer, Eric and I found you very helpful and your garden a delight. We love our new little friends, and thank you very much for your gift certificate and the plant you added to our collection as your personal gift. All are doing very well so far. We seem to be falling behind on all our projects these days Ė but are determined catch up soon. We will then be able to look at designing our planters and find proper places for the succulents. Please keep us on your email list for sales. we hope to see you soon. Warm regards - A
2/2/2016 Thanks; you had a very nice selection, with good pictures. In addition to picking new plants to buy, I used your site to ID several plants I already own. And I think your prices were very reasonable. sk
1/27/2016 Thanks for chatting with me on the phone today. You have quality succulents and cacti, and I have not lost a single one that I have purchased from you, thus far. Knock on wood... Thanks, I
12/19/15 Thanks, Tina! We really appreciate all of your help! The plants all look fantastic. We are still interested in one of those big Echeveria "Ebony".
11/24/15 Hello Tina & Joe, Just wanted to take a moment to let you know the plants arrived yesterday. I was surprised the box was so big, and when I saw all that was in there, I was thrilled, jumping up and down happy! lol The Aloe Kelly Blue was huge - did not expect such a mature plant, with pups, and blooming! And, even the inflorescence handled the shipping A-OK. I couldn't believe you also included 2 more of them, about the size that I was expecting for the one plant. Wow, thanks!!! All the plants are awesome. :-) Anyway, thank you so much! Very happy. Best Regards, T
11/13/15 I received the plants...they are wonderful, thank u. Sincerely S
10/19/15 Thank you for quick acknowledgement of my order and estimated shipping date! I look forward to receiving these interesting mesembs! S
10/16/15 Hi Tina, I potted out the succulents last night and they all look great. Best C
9/24/15 Wonderful plants! thanks very much JP
9/21/15 The order came in intact and the plants look great.JA
9/7 Tina, Fine with me. I like that you think of the plants first ! I was impressed with the quality of your plants and have been following your site for several years. I hope we will have a good relationship for many years to come. I appreciate people who grow good plants .Thank you and Peace & Blessings , S
9/3/2015 Thank you for all the beautiful plants you sent me on this order. They are all acclimated and thriving! I ordered some more plants from you this week and am really looking forward to receiving them. Thanks again. S
my order arrived today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fast delivery! everything in perfect order wish i had ordered more. you will be hearing from me in the spring! j
8/18/2015 hi Tina! I'm so sorry that I haven't responded sooner. Thank you for the heads up! The package arrived and the plants look fantastic, as always! I'll definitely come back for a third time. I appreciate everything. Thanks again!! D
8/24/2015 Thank you so much, Tina! The oscularia is awesome! The Pelargonium looks amazing too! All looks real good & yes it's also amazing what we can do with our phones these days! D
8/20/15 Tina and Joe, I picked up my succulent order at our roadside box today and I am totally amazed! The size of the plantsóWOW! I wasnít prepared, now I need to scrounge for pots just to let these gorgeous plants know I think they are very special! No doubt Iíll grab some of my old terra cotta pots to get Ďem started enjoying life in the mountains of New Mexico. Thank you. ~N~
8/2/15 Thanks Tina for being so patient with me and explain so well to me. I really enjoy visiting you and the area. May be we will plan another trip next year. Thanks for your plants. Good health to you and your family! Ro
6/14/15 Dear Tina, Thank you so much for inviting us to your open house. You have wonderful plants and we really enjoyed your garden. Please keep us in mind when you have your next open house. Sincerely, LLS
5/30/15 The plants I received had no identifying tags and the package had no invoice. It was an effort to track down what I'd ordered, and then determine which plant was which. It would be helpful to have tags included with each plant. J
we are a small company working hard to grow and send quality plants. We don't have enough time to do the tagging. We do let you know on our site that we dont tag the plants and we don't include a paper invoice. We acknowledge your order in an email with your invoice included. The invoice is also available when your order is placed. Feel free to take a photo and send it if you have a question about your order.
5/11/15 All the plants arrived in perfect condition. Now I hope that I can keep them growing as well as you did. I look forward to adding to my collection when I find more room. Thank you again for everything. R
3/28/15 Hi, Received my plants today. While I swear USPS played soccer and football with the box (one corner was "kicked" inwards and the box was misshaped), the plants are breathtakingly beautiful and faired well in the cold temps. unfortunately, the aeonium lindleyii suffered drastic leaf loss-- I doubt it will be salvageable. I'll try to propagate from the leaves if that's possible. Other than that, thank you again for another great set of plants. Until my next order, best regards A
2/20/15 Tina, The plants took my breath awayÖAll I can say is WOW! Thank you so very much! TL
2/7/15 Plants arrived Fri. They look great and appear undamaged from cold. R
11/20/14 Hi Tina, All is well, the plants arrived fast! it was like Christmas opening all the little packets! I was so very pleased with the quality and health of each one, they are like little jewels. and I hope I can do them justice and make them flourish.I will look forward to a reorder soon. regards, LG
10/24/2014 Hello Tina, I've received the plants early this week. Thank you for another smooth purchase. ST
6/25/2014 Hi, The plants arrived today in fine condition and have already been potted up here. The pelargonium is lovely! Thanks again. Liza
6/10/2014 Hello Tina & Joe, How are you? I've received the plants and have fun of arranging them in pots. Thank you very much for the strong and healthy plants. Until next time. Thank you, S
6/7/2014 The plants have arrived. They look great. In a couple weeks I will be getting a few more.
5/9/2014 Hello Tina & Joe, Just thought to let you know that I've received the plants today. Still in the process of unpacking and planting. But I am already sure that I will be back :) Thank you very for the plants and fast shipping. Regards, SW
5/4/2014 Hello Tina, Yes thank you plants arrived,there seemed to be many more than I ordered, thank you very much. Am very pleased,and Once again thank you Kind regards J
5/2/2014 Hi Tina, I wanted to thank you for the absolutely stunning Cotyledon plant as well as the others you sent in the latest order. Fabulous plants and thank you for finding a large specimen of the Cotyledon!Sincerely, TL
4/24/2014 Hello! I've been meaning to email you to let you know that the plants arrived looking great. I planted them right away and they are doing well and growing. For now, they are inside in a bright room, they will move outside for the summer. Thank you again! H
4/19/2014 Thank you so much. I was a little shocked by that freight charge. I will add a few more plants tomorrow. That is very considerate of you!!! I don't run into people like you very often that are so honest and consumer friendly. I will look forward to doing more orders with you. GB
3/31/2014 Great plants RW
3/17/2014 Hi Tina, I had a great time at your house sale! Lots of great plants. Thanks! Rosemary
3/17/2014 Hello, I received the package last week and I was so happy to see all plants were in good condition. You surprised me by giving me an extra one. Thank you for the gift and great plants. HP
3/15/2014 Tina, It was wonderful to see your handiwork. I really enjoyed seeing all the varieties you have lovingly fostered. Thanks so much, Debbie
3/13/14 I placed and received two orders from your company last fall. All plants that I received are alive and very healthy. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future. Thank you for the gift. DZ
2/24/2014 Tina, Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful plants and home with us! My girlfriend Lauri never saw anything like your gorgeous plants! It was fun watching her oohing and aahhing over them. I've found the perfect places in my garden for everything - especially the one that looks like a pineapple with small vanilla colored flowers (I should've asked all their names since I'm a novice). Take care till I see you again at another SDCSS meeting.BH
2/24/2014 Tina - Many thanks to YOU and to Joe. Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning in your beautiful garden and greatly appreciated all the personal attention. We will definitely come again - when invited!! Sarah
1/2/2014 Tina The plants are fantastic beautiful amazing I am so impressed. I am just out of my mind in love with the plants that you sent me thank you. I am looking for an excuse to Ordermore the Ebony is truly spectacular. the tips are most impressive. Take care and again thank you. MB
11/12/13 Thank you so much!!! Just got my plants today and they are beyond gorgeous!!! Bigger and very healthy!!! More then I've expected them to be !!!
11/3/2013 Hi, We have received our new plants & they're all fine. My husband is very happy with his Euphorbia spiralis & the E. lenguas is gorgeous! Thanks again for great succulents.
10/20/13 Oh Tina your are so kind not to mention one of a kind. Your enthusiasm for succulents charges my enthusiasm. Your plants are always a beautiful sight when I open them up with a big smile on my face. All of your plants in the past have grown to be beautiful specimens. Thank you for all of your generosity and kindness. I am patiently waiting for your package today. Thank you from both of us,
10/19/2013 Good evening Tina, Thank you so much for everything and working with me on such a personal level. Like my pets, my succulents are a very important part of my life. You've wonderful succulents and have enjoyed your website tremendously. I hope one day to be able to see your nursery.
10/8/2013 Thank you for offering this! I would like the "Gasteria Little Warty". If this is not available, any other gasteria or gasteraloe like "white wings" would be fine. I love the miniature aloes and gasterias. They are so "cute". By the way, the ones I previously ordered are all doing well. They were such healthy plants, and so beautiful specimens. I neglected to write you with my "high praises". Thank you now for the hard work you all do! I am more than satisfied.
10/5/2013 Tina and Joe, the Echiveria arrived and they are beautiful. Next spring/summer they will make natural companions to my Dioons that are doing well up here...again, thank you!! J
10/5/2013 Hi there! I received the order and was very pleased with the size, health and packaging! Thanks too for the extra plant! I will be back and please sign me up for any mailing list you have! Thanks, L
9/23/2013 Dear Tina & Joe, I received my plants last Fri. & I'm very pleased with them. The E. decora suffered the most with several shriveled & bruised leaves. However, it is recovering very nicely. I ADORE the E. etna. It is without a doubt the most interesting plant I have ever seen! Now, I just have to keep everyone happy through our cold winter. They are all in front of our south window which gets a lot of sun in the winter (when it isn't snowing!).Also, thanks for the extra Neon Breakers - I think that variety is going to be lovely. What is the caudiciform you sent me? Is it a "Pony Tail Palm"? I really like it! Well, I am totally out of "winter sun-space" & my grow lights are full of African violets, but I'm looking around for more spots for artificial light! Thanks again for the great plants. I will do my best for them (maybe hide the watering can?)
9/17/2013 Hi Tina, I donít know how you did it, but the plants arrived yesterday (Friday). I did not even know you had shipped them. All I can say is, somehow, every time you manage to outdo yourself. Awesome plants! The Crassula is huge! The one I had was tiny in comparison, and I had no idea they grew that large. It looks like it was cut from an even larger plant, maybe you call the mother Godzilla? I also have to tell you that I love your definition of Ďsmallí. The Crassula and sedum, which you warned me were small, are larger than some of the Ďnormalí plants I see from other nurseries. Your plants are really great. And THANK YOU for the extras. I never thought to get an O. caudatum, but the plant is really beautiful. Again, Iíve only every seen little ones, but it is much more impressive as a mature plant. So, one final ĎThank youí for all the great plants you sent me this year. This order really topped off my season.
we sent the following: On 9/13/2013 wrote:
WithIn the last few months we sent you an order of succulent plants. We hope that you and your plants have enjoyed the summer and all it offers! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Again, we appreciate your business and try hard to do our best for you. Thank you again Tina & Joe This is the response!
My succulents are doing great! Will be making another order in the near future. CP
9/11/13 Hi Tina, The succulents arrived this week and they are great!! T Thanks so much,
8/20/13 Thanks for the wonderful package, Tina! Everything arrived in fine shape and I potted them all up that Friday. They look to be in fine shape. The bag of fertilizer is also well-appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.I
8/18 Hi Tina, Thank you for another order of beautiful plants; you have helped me fill in some of the holes in my collection. Plants are large and healthy, and (hopefully) happy in their new home Itís always a pleasure to purchase from you. And it is a pleasure being taken care of. :) You should give lessons to others. You get the bulk of my business (think I have about half your catalog). I praise you on the forums for service and quality. bg
8/14/2013Thanks Tina. Opening a box from you is like Christmas. Wonderful living things! I
8/9/2013 Hi! The euphorbia esculenta arrived today in perfect shape. They are healthy and beautiful. I have potted them up and given a light drink with water and superthrive. They will spend tomorrow in the shade to rest from their journey. I am very pleased.
8/7/2013 Hi there , everything arrived just fine :) I'm putting in another order in about a week okay Thanks ~N
7/26/2013 Dear Tina, Today was my birthday and Christmas together for one day, because your plants have arrived. I have never, never, never seen so beautiful and so big echeverias in real time! I was so amazed!!! That these beautiful plants now I may have, I can not believe so. I can only say thank you, Thank you very much for everything, even for the beautiful Aeonium and Sansevieria M
7/1/2013 Tina, just got my plants and they are all beautiful! Much bigger than expected and very healthy. I am overjoyed and look forward to purchasing much more from you in the future. B'Shalom,
6/1/2013 I thank you for allowing us into your garden and the free plant for Marni. She really enjoyed your garden and the wonderful variety of plants. We will stop by again LK
Everything arrived in good condition and I was able to pot them all up same day. Great plants - especially the larger sizes which were fabulous. Will be ordering from you again soon.RC
5/16/2012 Thank you so much for your help with this order, Tina. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend! D
5/10/2013 Tina, This is my 2nd time ordering from you. And I have to tell you... I absolutely LOVE what I have purchased and received. I was a little leery because of the price I paid, but as a succulent lover, I'm thrilled with my new babies!!! When I get that succulent craving, rest assured that I will continue to purchase from you. I wish I lived in Cali, I'd probably be at your nursery every weekend :) Thank you so much for providing such great plants. Looking forward to purchasing from you soon.
5/7/2013 Hi Tina, The package has arrived. Thanks for the beautiful plants and good packing. Love them all. ... especially that sedum dendroideum "tree"....AM VERY HAPPY.. Thank you, Md
5/2/2013 Hello, The plants arrived in great shape (a week ago) thanks a lot for the extra Echeveria
4/15/2013vHi Tina, The plants came today and as expected they are very nice. Now, if I can only get them re-established without killing them! My biggest concern is with the Monadenium and the Euphorbia. Anyway, thanks for this order and the Aeonium arboreum atropurpurea Schwarzkopf cutting. Well, I think that is what it is? funny, Whenever I send out plants in trade/sell, I always include a little something. It is a nice gesture and I appreciate your kindness. Regards~H
4/9/13 Thank you for sending over these beautiful plants, Tina! Everything arrived in fine condition and have since been potted. I hadn't been impressed enough by the Peperomia graveolens from another nursery years ago, but fell in love with it when it proved to be durable and lovely in Waianae's hot, dry climate. It was difficult to find until your website was found. The Sedum aurora and Echinocereus rubispinus are very attractive, and it will be fun to watch them grow. The echinocereus is especially pretty. I've had E. mammillaria variegata for years and was intrigued by your green form. The specimen plants are a delightful surprise. Mahalo nui loa! (Thank you very, very much!)
2/25/13 Hi, Tina, I received the succulents that I ordered for my Garden Club program and they were very nice specimens! Your customer service is great! You even added a few extras which I appreciated very much!! it was nice to have top notch specimens for people to see and raffle off for club projects. Thanks again!
11-9-2012 Hello Tina, The order came today and thank you for the careful wrapping of >each plant. I see some are ready to bloom and I'm looking forward to seeing them. Thanks for all the beautiful plants and the free one too! E
11-4-2012 Hi Tina and Joe, thank you so much! The plants arrived in excellent condition. And thanks for the extra plant. I really appreciate it. :) cheers, sg
11-1-2012 Hi Tina, Yes I've received your beautiful echeverias. I am surprised at how big the echeveria mount etna are. Thank you so much for the great service. Sincerely, KD
11-1-2012 Dear Tina, Thank you for your great customer service. I will think about it and when I decide to purchase this one, I will let you know. Thank you so much. Sincerely Gloria
11-1-2012 I wish more people  in business communicated as well as your company does. I got the succulents and they are very nice. Thank you and hope to do more business in the future. Thanks again. Melanie
10-12-2012 Hi, My order arrived today and everything looks great. Thanks js
10-12-2012 I recieved the plants on Thursday. they were all in great condition! Thank you!
10-12-2012 Tina, I want to thank you and joe for preparing and sending the two boxes of succulents to me. Everything is potted, 19 pots, and oh how I am enjoying them. I can hardly wait to give some of them away for xmas gifts. Very nice plants, more than I expected. s
10-8-2012 Hi Tina, Just wanted you to know that the plants arrived on Friday and were potted immediately. All appear to be healthy and doing well. The F. edulis is gorgeous and is already a focal point in my collection. Thanks! Bill
10/1/2012 Received safe and sound! Thank you for the plants, they are absolutely gorgeous! :)cheers, SG
9/16/2012 ~ Thanks from my daughter and me for helping me pick out the right plants. my Daughter was very pleased and was planting as I left this evening ! JA
9/14/2012 ~ Good Morning Tina, The plants arrived today and I am more than impressed! The three Dick Wright hybrids are much bigger than I expected although I did have a small problem deciding whichg was E. 'Afterglow and 'Cante'. I will be placing another order soon before our weather turns nasty cold, but you wouldn't know about cold, now would you! I can't recall and could be less lazy and check the website but do you have a minimum plant order? Thanks again. You really sent some beauties HL!
9/14/2012 ~ Thank you for the most wonderful plants that I have ever received from anyone!
8/14/2012 ~ Hi Tina & Joe,I received the nice plants yesterday. I have potted them and they are sitting in the shade so they can adjust. Thanks for the nice plants. V
Hi Tina. Just wanted to say my order arrived safely last week and I'm very pleased. They all are so beautiful and have made a nice addition to my little cacti collection. I repotted them in my special soil. C
8-13-2012 ~ Hi- Everything arrived in good shape. What do you recommend for fertilizer? Thanks B
8-12-2012 ~ My little guys arrived yesterday and I am very happywith their appearance and general health. I love succulents, too, so it is a pleasure to have your easy-to-navigate website in my Favorites list! Yours J
8-04-2012 ~ Tina, The plants arrived last week, and are all potted up! They are some neat stuff, and I can't wait to see how they mature. Thanks S
7-30-2012 ~ Hi Tina, I just wanted to thank you for all of your information and to tell you that I am very pleased with my plants and can hardly wait to get them in the ground and add to my collection! L
7-27-2012 ~ Thank you for your time today. I loved being in your garden. Thank you N
7-26-2012 ~ Hi Tina, The two fockea arrived in perfect condition. The fatter one has a perfect nebari for bonsai show. Both have marvelous helathy root systems. Lots of nice, fine smaller roots. L
7-21-2012 ~ Hi Tina, plants came in today. They are beautiful! Thanks so much C
7-13-2012 ~ I received all of my plants today via usps. I have to admit that I was apprehensive about ordering live plants through the mail. After receiving these beautiful plants i no longer fear. Thank you for such beautiful plants.L
7-7-2012 ~ The plants were all wonderful, except for baby toes, he did not make it. I will reorder him with next order. they are otherwise fabulous and really enjoying the weather of over 100 degrees. Thanks for such divine new babies, d
7-2-2012 ~ The plants arrived happy and healthy. The euphorbias look great and I did put them in a larger pot like you said. Thanks vv
6-28-2012 ~ The plants arrived today. I was very pleased with their condition and size. Thanks RP
6-11-2012 ~ Hi Tina, Everything arrived in good shape. Thanks for the extras you included. M
6-4-2012 ~ Tina, The bombax arrived safely - no problems at all with the plant. You did a great job with all the styrofoam inside. The box was big but it was light. I received a Pachypodium densiflorum recently that was only packed in styrofoam peanuts. When I unpacked it I noticed that tips had broken off or were badly bruised. That poor plant is experiencing a set back. If that vendor had done what you did with the flat pieces of styrofoam, there wouldn't have been a problem during the shipping process. The bombax had no broken leaves or branches. Please accept my thanks and appreciation for a job well done.
5-23-2012 ~ Hello Tina, Thank you for my order arriving so soon. Everyone arrived OK, and have already been planted. Thanks again, R
5-17-2012 ~ Dear Tina, Thank you for your honesty and fairness. Thank you again. yours faithfully jhj
4-19-2012 ~ Tina, I did receive the order and everything was great They have all been potted up. The plants were better than expected, good sized and I think a real bargain. I am pretty busy with new plants and projects, but I have put your web address in my favorites list for the future. Thank you for your time and offerings. Sincerely, GF
4-13-2012 ~ HI Tina, I'm excited; the plants came and in great shape and those little senecio haworthii are big! I actually got a few cuttings from Ernst van Jaarsveld, the curator of succulents at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town last summer and wanted to use more. Too bad they're a little frost tender ó they still may be a smash success in California because of their color/looks with other succulents! GK
4-07-2012 ~ We did enjoy your greenhouse - and enjoyed your hospitality and plant knowledge. I am sure we will be back again. EW
3-27-2012 ~ Tina, I am happy with the plants I have received .they are all much bigger than expected,free plants, fast shipping,well received. Refunding a big plus. Next time I will contact you first just so I know exactly what it is I am ordering. Thanks, for all you have done for me, I will be a return shopper. S
3-26-2012 ~ It arrived and everything is lovely (as always). Thanks so much!! CS
3-21-2012 ~ Hi Tina, my apologies for not replying sooner ... the plants arrived this weekend and i potted them today. They're gorgeous! Thank you for sending such generously-sized specimens. It's my second purchase from you (first one was last year), and I'm just as delighted with them as i was the first shipment. Again, thanks so much! cheers, S
3-17 - 2012 ~ They arrived today. They're just GORGEOUS! Thanks so much!!!
2-28-2012 ~ Thanks Tina, The main reason I ordered right again, right away, is because your plants are so gorgeous and you offer an amazing selection. And thank you for selling another Crassula Morganís Beauty as well as the other plants in the second order. I canít overemphasize the extraordinary quality of your plants. No doubt your business will continue to thrive and your garden show conference will go welll. Thank you so much for all this effort. TL
2-28-2012 ~ Tina, I received the shipment yesterday. The plants are so fantastic that I'm speechless! I greatly appreciate your efforts as not one plant lost a single leaf during shipment. Thank you so much and I just placed another order. TL
2-17-2012 ~ Hi Tina, Thanks again fro the advice on the watering. The plant has sprung new branches like crazy after it dropped all of it's original leaves. I guess it just needed a face lift. Thanks! Mike
2-15-2012 ~ Tina, I received my package on Monday and everything in it is wonderful!! Thank you so much for the beautiful plants!! I defiently plan on ordering from you again in the near future for more succulents!! Take care -Maria
2-11-2012 ~ I just finished kicking myself for not placing a bigger order with you. The plants I received today are beyond beautiful. They were packed well, and so much bigger then I expected. I will be placing another order with you in a month or so. Thanks a bunch BM
2-2-2012 ~ Tina, Thanks so much for the abundance of wonderful plants you sent. Scott
12-6-2011 ~ Tina, Thank You for your time! I'm thrilled with all of my new friends! Everyone made it home safely! J&D
12-19-2011 ~ Thank you Tina, great customer service! Carol
12-05- 2011 ~ Hi Tina, Our shipment arrived today, all looks great. Thank you for your prompt delivery & our refund on freight we appreciate your honesty.
Sincerely, MG
11-19 2011 ~ Dear Tina and Joe, Thanks for your note and taking care to mail the wreath so quickly and for enclosing a note. My best to you both at this holiday and all year long. Sincerely, Sue
10 24 2011 ~ Thanks so much for the refund! I hadn't noticed that I had been overcharged freight, and the quality of the plants was so great I wouldn't have complained anyway. I also noticed I got a free Echeveria Runyoni 'Topsy Turvy' - no complaints there either! Thank you. :) mk
It was a busy summer and fall working hard in the greenhouse and just realized I haven't added comments for a while so here goes.
08 09 2011 ~ Thank you very much! I'm sure I'll be ordering again, especially since I killed the Aeonium Tabulaeforme :(. I'm pretty sure it got too much water, a big storm blew a lot of rain onto the plants in my carport. But all the others look fantastic. I have ordered at other places online and none come close to yours in health and quality. I'm passing on your website to other friends of mine who are also collectors. Thank you again, I'm so thrilled with the plants I ordered. They are all so big and healthy. A lot of what I ordered is hard to come across here Melissa
08 09 2011 ~ Hi Tina, my plants arrived Saturday and all are great! Thank you so much. The plants are healthy with great roots, the shipping was so fast, and you responded to all of my emails right away. Thanks again, it was a pleasure ordering from you. Sincerely, MT
07 27 2011 ~ Hi Tina, the ficus arrived intact and it looks lovely in the pot. Once it recovers its apex and some new branches it will be quite a showpiece. It will receive royal treatment!
07 26 2011 ~ Hi Tina, Glad to hear you are full up again. You are my number one source for succulents and I cannot thank you enough for your customer support. The plants you sent were wonderful. Don't need anything right now but I will be back. Best Regards KT
07 18 2011 ~ Hi Tina, I received the shipment. The P. bolusii are perfect in size -- thank you. Apparently, you also sent a couple of extras, which I appreciate. The Echeveria are beautiful, and they are huge! And there are so many (I think you sent me some extras of these also -- thank you!) that I feel as if I now have an Echeveria forest. As you suggested, I will just make smaller cuttings to fit in the 4-6 in. pots that I have. I will keep a few as-is, and place them outside, to see how they enjoy the New Jersey summer. Thanks again. Marc
07 14 2011 ~ Tina, I see that a shipping refund was credited to my PayPal account -- Thank you. Marc
07 07 2011 ~ Hi Tina, the succulents you sent were beautiful! And generous quantities too. Thank you so much. I'll definitely buy from you again. :) cheers, SG
06 02 2011 ~ Tina !!! I got the plants !!! You were so generous> Thanks again for all your help & hard work. Tomorrow I will get them in cactus dirt & they will grow and be happy I hope. Thank you, A
05 29 2011 ~ Thanks for the plants they arrived last Monday and were in good shape!! GM
05 23 2011 ~ The plants came today it is better than i thought it would be. I am very pleased, thank you very much -DK
05 14 2011 ~ The plants came and they are wonderful. Thank you so much. R A D
05 12 2011 ~ Hi Tina, The plants arrived today in my house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm very happy, the plants arrived well and are very beautiful. I would like to thank you. Next month I will buy other plants with you, I write to know if you have available, ok? Regards, JM
05 05 2011 ~ Dear Tina: I received the plants yesterday afternoon, openned at night, they are beautiful. I thank you over all. Thank you again Consuelo
05 04 2011 ~ Hi Tina, I received the Frithia pulchra today. They arrived in good shape. They are very healthy, well developed, and beautiful. Thanks again for tracking them down! Marc
04 19 2011 ~Thanks for the note.  The plants arrived in good condition. Ed
04 19 2011 ~ I love the plants, they are beautiful. I will be using them for the cake topper and for the centerpieces this saturday. Beth
04 19 2011 ~ Hi, I really enjoying these plants. They are so interesting to look at. Thank you again for them. Maybe I will order more if there are even larger sizes of variegated jades! Jim
04 19 2011 ~ Great Stuff from PB
12 21 2010 ~ Tina, I wanted to let you know the plants finally arrived Monday afternoon, everything looked good. Some of the leaves were a little wilted so I watered and have them in a sunny window and sure they will do fine. The substitution you made was fine and I am very happy with my order and look forward to doing business with you again. Merry Christmas ~ Kevin
11 29 2010 ~ Wreath arrived right on time. Recipient was very happy. Thanks much! Mark
11 29 20/10 ~ Tina - We received it today and it looks great! Thank you! Dawn
11/14 2010 ~ I LOVE my wreath. I arrived on Friday. Thanks for the speedy care. My sister-in-law is very pleased, too. Succulents are a real novelty in snowy .... I'll leave feedback on Ebay but wanted to tell you personally my appreciation for the special attention. Happy Season, Jeanne
4/2/10 Tina - The plants got here on Wednesday and are awesome! I've been working alot and didn't get it until yesterday but I just wanted to let you know. Justin
3/28/10 Dear Tina:
I am so sorry I haven't sent out this e-mail earlier. I had every intention of e-mailing you, but I've been busy. I absolutely "LOVED" my new succulent wreath!!!! It arrived in perfect condition, and your packaging was excellant! I placed my wreath on a huge plate and put a glass enclosed candle (Lime colored) inside the center of the wreath. It's my centerpiece on our table in our kitchen. You could actually see how the wreath responded to the just perked up. In June I'll place it on our deck for the summer. I've had quite a few compliments about it!! That's a compliment for "you!"
Next week I'm going to go back on your web site, and check out some plants for that dish garden I had originally planned to do. I keep thinking about your suggestion about using cold weather plants. I have this type of concrete, oval planter, which I purchased years ago from a landscaping company that was going out of business. If I purchased cold weather plants, it would look great all year long! But...I'm not sure what plants to use to get the height. I don't want anything prickly, because of my grandchildren and our dog, and I don't want the plants to look level on the top of the container. I want varying degrees of height, with succulents cascading over the edge, and as colorful as possible. I'll be back to check out your plants! Thanks for everything! Barbara
3/18/10 Wow! Thank you! From: Marian Bou Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010 8:06 PM To: Subject: Order received Hi Tina, The order arrived today, and the plants are all in fine shape thanks to your careful packaging. Marian
3/1/10 Dearest Tina Zucker, I got your plants this morning.I canīt express how beautifull they are. So big!!!So healthy. So beautyfull exotic. This is better than any botanical garden. And so many plants. I feel like I got a present :). Iīll recommend you to every plant-loving person I know!!! Thankfull, Nele
Hi Tina, thanks for the plants! They are sooo cool! Lezley P. and she writes (A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains. Dutch Proverb )

~ from Mylon
Plants arrived today. Nicely packaged and nice plants. Thanks

From: :Imelda Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009
I went to Tina’s greenhouse for the first time and I was so impressed on Tina’s hospitality. She looked for the very best plant to sell to me. Plants are excellent from a super nice seller  ************. I will be back for sure. Ohh!  and the price is super good too. I had been to a lot of growers, greenhouses, stores, collectors, on line, etc. for different plants so I guess my evaluation is reliable. Thanks.
  This is feedback from Ebay Sales from November & December 09: Living SUCCULENT WREATH Thanksgiving ~ Christmas gift (#170400700625) Very helpful service, Christmas gift that was really nice! Living SUCCULENT WREATH Thanksgiving ~ Christmas gift (#170400700625) Fast shipping, item in perfect condition, beautiful workmanship Living SUCCULENT WREATH Thanksgiving ~ Christmas gift (#170418335995) Beautiful...Live plant came in perfect condition! Living SUCCULENT WREATH Thanksgiving ~ Christmas gift (#170400700625) Pretty item, smooth transaction, good communication! Living SUCCULENT WREATH Thanksgiving ~ Christmas gift (#170400700625) I'm amazed that this arrived in such good condition! A+ Living SUCCULENT WREATH Thanksgiving ~ Christmas gift (#170400700625) Great item and a good price with excellent service and response, Buy here!! very beautiful and full packed very well no damage fast ship highly recommend Living SUCCULENT WREATH Thanksgiving ~ Christmas gift (#170400700625)
~ Hi Tina,
Thank you for the absolutely dazzling plants, and the extra soil, etc. When I had a house I had a nice little garden, but even then I had lots of plants in my house.  I love the uniqueness of each one and all that lush greenery has filled my little NYC apartment to the brim.  That's just the way I like it, as if you need a machete to make your way around. You are too kind to give me extras.  I shall consider this bounty of green one of the loveliest of birthday gifts.  Today I am a happy camper.  Besides all these exotic greens, I have two beautiful and smart granddaughters and a daughter-in-law personally delivered by an angel who made a mensch of my son. So again I thank you, I shall think of you as I putter about with my plants, and I wish you and yours good health and progress in the New Year.
Aphrodite january 22 2010