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We remove some of the soil when we ship. There are usually no issues with a plant out of soil or kept dry for a week or more. When you receive your plants, put them into a pot with moist soil. Give the roots opportunity to reachdown for water. Please check to see if your plants should be watered at the time of year you purchase. Some don't get a lot of water in winter and some not a lot of water in summer. How often you water depends on how quickly your soil dries out. Most important, don't overwater. Water well and allow your plants to dry out. The photos on our website represent what plants look like when growing. We are not selling the plant in the photo. Whether your plant has flowers depends on whether it is flowering at that time. A pot may be one large plant or more than one plant. Plants grow at a different pace and different sizes so if you order 2 plants coming out of the same size pot, they may not be the same size.

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Gasteria Rawlinsonii Bavians Kloof

Gasteria rawlinsonii is in the Family: Asphodelaceae.  Common names: Baviaanskloof cliff gasteria.  Gasteria rawlinsonii is a shrubby, aloe-like, succulent cliff hanger found only in the Baviaanskloof of the Eastern Cape Province. It is the only species of Gasteria with pendulous (hanging downwards) stems. This Gasteria is a long-lived, drooping succulent shrub with long leafy stems. Its roots are succulent and up to 3 mm in diameter. Plants are branched from the base with stems becoming pendulous and up to 1000 mm long. The succulent leaves are ascending-spreading and arranged in two rows (distichous) or in a spiral at a distance of 10-20 mm from each other. The leaves are narrow (linear), strap-shaped (lorate), slightly sickle-shaped (falcate), recurved at the ends and 30-80 x 10-25 mm. They are green, brownish green to reddish green, and rarely with faint white spots. When fully swollen (turgid) they are very fleshy and often rounded (biconvex). The leaf surface (epidermis) is rough (asperulous) and the margins have sparse prickles or are sometimes unarmed. The prickles turn black with age, and the leaf ends (apex/apices) are blunt (obtuse) with a small sharp point (mucronate).  The inflorescence is a simple elongate raceme up to about 100-500 mm long. The reddish pink flowers are tubular and swollen in the basal portion (gasteriform), 16-25 mm long, with the upper part of the tube 4-6 mm in diameter and the swollen basal part 6-9 mm in diameter. The stamens are 17 mm long. The ovary is egg-shaped (oblong-ovoid), 5 x 2-3 mm, and its style is 11-12 mm long. The fruiting capsule is 18 mm long and the black seeds are 3-4 mm wide. This information is from:


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